What I started with (29/12/2011):

I have recently decided to get back to writing again as it is something that helps me out a great deal.  Purely selfish motives because I truly enjoy doing it!

There is little else to write at the moment as nothing i could write here could be more revealing than what i write about on my page.  Peel back the layers and this is me exposed for all to see.  Just got to find the way in…

A little more information (03/02/2012):

I am old enough to know better, but young enough to think if it happens to me, I can start again from here.  I do not like to label ages and that may be something I go into later but there is little need in this brief introduction.  I like people from a distance, they fascinate me and I could watch what’s going on for hours, however in the same instant I hate them, the hypocrisy the selfishness, the greed.  So what does that tell you?

I’m impatient.

I love animals (not insects, never insects or bugs of any kind) and should the world be held hostage until I chose between dogs and cats I would not be able to make that decision.  Having owned cats and co-owned dogs I can see the immense benefits of both and would have several of each if the choice were mine.

I don’t have much patience and I dole out sympathy like it’s a restricted substance.  I do practise what I preach though and the last thing I ever want is sympathy, I am happy to get along on my own, just perhaps share a thought from time to time.

I currently am recovering from a lumbar spinal fusion and have good days and bad days, no different to the rest of the world it’s just that I have en excuse for bad moods.

I have studied a lot though of course am constantly still learning and I do so like to know why.

Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit, but I would bet that the person who coined that saying just couldn’t think of a smart-ass comment quick enough.

I write because I enjoy it and although feedback is always appreciated – positive or negative – I don’t write for anyone else but myself, and I barely re-read it.

I hope this answers a little more than before but if in doubt; ask.  I’m not saying I will answer, but if you don’t ask then I can tell you for certain I won’t.

Failing that, you may find me more responsive here



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