Staple In Time

It seems I have had a relapse.

Not the back, that seems to be going on its merry way just fine.  Well, except for a few mornings when I bend down to get something and then realise I don’t have the core strength to get myself back up again.  I’m always grateful at those times I live on my own…

No, instead I am referring to all the forward progress I made when at home.  I guessed this would happen and that I would find the delicate balance of time to be a mythical thing of the past.  However I’m not quite ready to give up on elusive balance of time I managed to find during the winter.

So this is me, setting a standard to live up to.  Finding a balance I can be happy with.  And possibly setting myself up for failure.  But damn it I’m not going to fail again before I’ve even tried.

Make sense to you?

No, me either.  But it’s going to be fun trying to decipher the cracked workings of my twisted thought paths


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