Mediocrity in the face of Technological Advances

I would describe myself as true technophile.  I don’t doubt that I’m not what anyone else would consider to be a technophile but by using the literal meaning of the word, I think I embody it!

From the Greek ‘-phile’ which means to love such as bibliophile (love of books) or hydrophile (love of water) and the word techno which embraces all technology but specifically the newer and faster, more improved products that are flooding the market every day, the technophile is supposedly is lover of technology.  However the name in the common use also implies a lover of technology who is exceptionally good at it.  This is where I part ways with tradition a little.

I love new technology and getting a new phone is always a very exciting moment for me, up there with a new series starting in the TV that I want to watch and finding out Monday has been cancelled.  Unfortunately I am somewhat mediocre at it.  Not appalling enough to rival Mr. Weasley in his fascination of fuses and plugs but certainly not in the leagues you see advertised in ever hacker film on the screens.  The fact that my phone has now broken 3 times this year and has needed to be replaced – through no fault of my own may I just add – has been on one hand a source of the greatest irritation, but on the other an excellent excuse for me to spend an afternoon working out how to sort the layout of my phone so that I can call my mum with just that many fewer steps.

I find new technology to be explored not daunting and scary but fascinating and fun.  However nothing can beat the wonder that is my iPod Nano in terms of love at first sight.  That little gadget turned up at my door the week after my 2nd generation old faithful died after 5 years long service.  Not expecting much from the tiny little scrap as it wasn’t as large as my previous player – in memory or actual size! – but from the instant I worked out you could turn the controls around depending on where you clipped the iPod onto, I was love struck.  I have spent many a happy hour since, organising the music on this and adding further songs to what seems to be becoming my endless 7.5 day library and growing.

It’s not just music and phones, though they would probably be towards the top of my lists, but coffee machines, blu-ray players, DAB radios, you name it, I think its a great new toy to be playing with.

I’m never going to be amazing with the technology I adore submerging myself in but on this occasion I think mediocrity is ok, because while perhaps I won’t be able to call myself an expert in the field of each item, I also appreciate them for what they are and can forgive their faults as quirks of their intricate design, rather than blights to be improved.  It must be sad to know so much about something you can’t take a step back and appreciate it for the great piece of machinery it is.

Nothing is perfect but then isn’t that what makes it all the more fun?  Working around the imperfections and never forgetting that for all technology helps, there’s always room for human improvement.  Makes me smile at least.


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